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10 December 2009 @ 11:47 pm
What are they?  
Hi it's been kind of quiet around here so I thought I should post something. I meant to post this awhile ago but I forgot.

Anyway here are several pictures of some plants that I have. Hopefully somebody can tell me what they are:

A top view:

A side view:

It has since sprouted two more plants like it so I must be doing ok with it.

This one might be called Moses and the burning bush but I can't find much info based on that name.
A top view:

A side view:

Anybody have a clue?
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love me til my heart stops//love me til I'm deadsneakishfrog on December 11th, 2009 09:30 am (UTC)
not quite sure about the first, but the second is definitely a rubber plant (Ficus elastica).
Salad Barbarian: Why yes I am cool!salad_barbarian on December 11th, 2009 06:40 pm (UTC)
Thanks, I just looked up Ficus elastica. That's it alright, lucky for me it hasn't reached ten feet yet! I don't have much room.