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16 February 2010 @ 10:18 pm
bedroom plants  
My bedroom is rather jungle like, with various plants Ive grown from cuttings given to me by mylocal community garden centre, however nice this is, I'm no plant expert! I think two of the unidentified are a wandering jew and swedish ivy? However I have this other plant that I don't know, and also I think I'm killing it :(

The leaves have begun to turn yellow, I repotted it as the earth it was in was rather hard, but I have no idea if I'm watering it to much/little or if I should feed it...Please help I really like this plant! It has really purfumey smelling leaves! Here are its leaves and here is what it looks like.

Some info on how to look after it or what it's called would be great.

Thank you
kalahara on March 2nd, 2010 09:17 am (UTC)

I'm looking at the leaves / structure on this and I think* it's a "Geranium Tree" has this flowered in the past for you? Usually yellow leaves = over watering or two much sun. Is there any particular reason you repotted it so close to the edge of the pot? Possibly if it's too close to the edge there in a terra cotta pot maybe it's root ball is drying out from the terra cotta absorbing all the moisture from it? I'm wondering if it's a flowing tree if being exactly in the window it's getting a draft and also freezing it out.
I tried hunting around on this plant but could find any real specific's on a soil it favors like if it needed a more bark based soil. Whatever this is it's so interesting in it's structure I for one would like to know exactly what it is myself.